'Cooking for baby' records my experiences with feeding our little girl, Abhi, who loves variety in food, just like me ! Finding newer food options to keep her interested has been a challenge - sometimes exasperating but more often, exciting!

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Black Raisins health booster

8 months and above (toddlers love it even more)

This is an easy and totally yummy way to get your little one's iron and calcium levels upto the mark; boost respiratory health; prevent constipation; and improve general physical well being.

Black raisins - 100 gms
Rock candy (rock sugar/mishri/kalkandam) - 50 gms ( I use only the unrefined variety)
Water - 1 cup

Wash the raisins really well to remove sediments. Soak in warm water for about 1/2 hour. Rinse the rock candy and remove superficial dirt. Boil water with candy in it till it dissolves. Strain. Pour into a thick bottomed skillet and add in the raisins. Simmer on gentle fire stirring once in a while to prevent burning. Keep it on till the mixture reaches a thick jam like consistency. Cool and store in an air tight glass container. Give your baby a liberal spoonful everyday as a superdelicious treat cum health tonic.

PS: I use unrefined rock candy which is traditionally attributed with a better nutritional profile.

Adjust quantity given according to baby's age. Mine started on her spoonful from her 9th month. Start by giving a smaller quantity if your baby is not used to raisins.