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Friday, January 18, 2013

Indian gooseberry preserve in honey

Age 1 and above, good for kids as well as adults.

Did you know that the Indian gooseberry is one of the most stable sources of Vitamin C!This gooseberry preserve topped with organic honey is a delicious way to ensure your tot's immune system stays strong. It is good for you as well. Start your day with a teaspoonful.
Amla (Indian gooseberry) - 200 gms
Caster Sugar - 200 gms
Water - 100 ml
Organic Honey - 250 ml
Rinse gooseberries well and lightly dry them with a towel. Deseed and roughly chop into chunks. Run them in a mixie jar or processor for a couple of minutes and you get a grainy textured pulp. Add the caster sugar and water into a large, thick bottomed stainless steel dutch oven/pan (I use stainless steel to prevent metal/non stick leeching into the preserve)and simmer till the sugar has dissolved and the water acquaires a slightly syrupy texture. Add the gooseberry pulp. Now, get ready for them serious elbow grease :-) This part takes time,patience plus work! Set the flame to really low and keep stirring at regular intervals to prevent burning.Keep at it till the mixture acquires a jam/preserve like texture. Cool completely before you add half the quantity of honey to it. Mix well. Fill it into sterilised and completely dried glass bottles. Leave space for the rest of the honey to be added in. Shake the bottle gently to allow the honey to percolate well. The preserve gets better as it ages. Use a clean, dry spoon to serve the preserve and please don't let your spoon stay inside the bottle. Store it tight lidded. Give a little teaspoon of this to your little one and also indulge yourself.


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what lovely and yummy recipe:)
Love the pictures!!

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